Infernale tour

Free! 8 hours


This tower is equipped with an automatic belay system.

The basic price includes the provision of all the necessary equipment and supervision by an animator.
The tour lasts a maximum of eight hours, including a twenty-minute break every three hours. Assembly and dismantling are not included in the duration of the service.
In the case of rentals over several days, the costs of meals and accommodation for the instructors are invoiced in addition.
All additional costs associated with the service are charged in addition (e.g. parking).
Transport is charged at CHF 1.50 per km for a return trip from Jaun (FR).

Mandatory minimum supervision: Two people, at least one of whom must be from GSAB Aventures. The others can be part of your team as long as they have sufficient skills.

Acceptance of the quote implies acceptance of our general rental conditions without any restrictions.

NOTE: The number of leaders, overtime hours and km… can be customised during the payment phase.

The payment of a 50% deposit is compulsory to validate the reservation.