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Please Pick a Date

Transportation fees are based on a round trip from Jaun.

It's necessary to have two instructors for the supervision of the activity, including at least one from GSAB. The second instructor can be part of your team as long as he/she has the required skills.

If we set up the day before event, you will be charged for meals and accommodation. If we set up two or more days before event, you'll be charged a flat rate of CHF 300 and an additional round trip from Jaun


The day before

Two days or more before(CHF278,55)

In case of delayed takedown on the day after event, you'll be charged for meals and accommodation. In case of delayed takedown two or more days later, a flat rate of CHF 300 will be charged as well as an additional round trip from Jaun


The day after

Two days or more after(CHF278,55)

If you can not provide lunch for our guides, we'll charge you for each lunch and each guide.


    This wall has 14 climbing routes that require manual belaying. The price includes the provision of all the necessary equipment and the supervision of an instructor. The service lasts a maximum of eight hours, including a twenty-minute break every three hours. Assembly and dismantling are not included in the duration of the service. In the case of a multi-day rental, the cost of meals and accommodation for the facilitators will be invoiced in addition. All ancillary costs related to the performance are charged in addition (e.g. parking). Transport is charged per km for a return trip from Jaun (FR).

    Minimum supervision required: Two people, at least one from GSAB Aventures. The others can be part of your team. However, in order to ensure optimal supervision, a minimum of five people is desirable.

    Acceptance of the quote implies acceptance of our general rental conditions without any restrictions.

    A 50% deposit is required to confirm the order.

    By filling in the booking form, you will get an approximate idea of the cost of the service. A more accurate quote will be sent to you based on your information.


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