JOK – Joëlette Kid

CHF2.833,00 TTC


The Joëlette Kid, designed for children with reduced mobility, for hiking, trekking or running on any type of terrain, even the most rugged.
A design studied for Kids

Very comfortable and secure, it was designed for children. It is very easy to handle and requires only one companion.
This all-terrain wheelchair provides you with comfortable seating and support for hiking or running in all seasons.
Two possible configurations

Conceived by our design office, in collaboration with an orthopaedic centre, the JOËLETTE KID offers you two alternatives:

The Joëlette Kid with seat,
The Joëlette Kid with interface for seat corset.

With its single-track wheel technology, the JOËLETTE Kid can go anywhere, even on very uneven courses. It is also perfectly adapted for racing but also for trail and difficult passages with the front arm option.
Its adjustable handlebar makes it very easy to ride.

Share outdoor activities in a group: family, friends, association…
Make it possible to discover places previously inaccessible with a wheelchair.
Enjoy life together: a walk and a change of scenery on the programme.
Take up sporting, human and solidarity challenges, encouraging you to surpass yourself.
Discover nature and new landscapes (mountains, nature parks, forests, trips abroad …).
Take part in raids, races, marathons…
Discover a territory and its natural, historical and cultural heritage.

The price includes the frame and the seat.

An additional fixed price for postage and packing is charged for each order.