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After the success of our boot Canyon Guide, we now present its “little brother/sister”. The Aqua Pro is a low cut, lightweight, versatile and technical shoe designed to give optimal performance in both adventure-sport activities in wet and slippery environments ( such as canyoning, kayaking, coastering, white-water descents, rafting, trekking through tropical forests and the like), as well as for activities outside the water, such as approach climbs, Vias Ferratas etc.

The design and materials have been developed and carfeully selected to meet the highest requirements in terms of:

GRIP: the non-marking Vibram Best Idrogrip outsole offers optimal adhesion on wet and slippery surfaces.

DURABILITY: careful selection of materials at the cutting edge of technology in boot manufacture provides maximum resistance to wear and tear both from mechanical abrasion and from permanent contact with water.

COMFORT-PROTECTION-SECURITY: the design of the shoe, its low weight and its special lacing system offer maximum adaptation to and support of the foot, guaranteeing high levels of comfort, efficiency and freedom of movement. This translates to optimal performance from the same shoe during both the approach and the water-intensive activity itself. Particular design features include efficient evacuation of water from the inside and the secure lacing system with a special pocket for tucking both knot and excess laces.

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