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Composed of a harness to which an ingenious trolley is attached, it allows you to transfer almost the entire weight of a 20 kg rucksack onto the wheel, thus relieving the legs and especially the back. Its manoeuvrability and stability are surprising after a short learning curve. Moreover, the Carrix has been designed with extremely demanding criteria of solidity and reliability, allowing intensive use on all terrains, even very uneven.
When a passage becomes too engaged, even aerial, it is possible to put the bag on in a few moments without removing it from the Carrix, nor disassembling it. The autonomy of a hike is thus greater and progression is easier.
During transit phases (train stations, airport, etc.) the Carrix is used as a push cart, once the pulling arms are folded. Thus, there are many other possible uses for the transport of heavy and bulky objects on all types of terrain, such as: diving tanks, paragliding sails, water sports equipment, camping equipment, safari photographers, travel suitcases, water tanks, etc.
The Carrix is a very light material, fully foldable in a few moments, delivered in a small, sturdy and practical bag.

The price is indicated for one day’s rental. The material is to be picked up in Jaun or can be shipped at the customer’s expense. Other possibilities are also available on request.

The cost of repairs for possible damage caused by the client are at the client’s expense.

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1 – Day, 14 – Two weeks, 2 – Two days, 3 – Three days, 4 – Four days, 5 – Five days, 6 – Six days, 7 – One week